Saturday, 19 May 2012

Evaluation of Paintings For Inspiration

I have loved every second of this project; it has been so exciting and seems to have flown by! I have achieved some work that I am incredibly proud of and gained some valuable skills that I will be able to put into practice in my career. 

This project revolved around knowledge of contextual and theoretical issues, styling to fit a certain look and capturing the essence of  a painting which has pushed me to gain a further understanding of what I am dealing with. The film part of this project is what has given me the most chance to do this as I chose to replicate my painting as closely possible and I still think that was the best option, before deciding on my final painting I looked through options as to what could be made in a modern or different setting. The film really required me to be as historically accurate as possible, I have loved finding out about the background of fashions and the reasons behind fashion influences. I know that my knowledge of the 1920's has greatly improved, not only in costume but in the politics behind it all too which gives my knowledge a deeper understanding. Working along side Maria, the production designer was amazing, we could give each other insights into the reasoning behind each of our areas to make the result feel more cohesive which in return has made the development of the project more through and hopefully more historically correct! 

Working with a team of people, on both the film and the styling project has been fabulous, there is so much more room to bounce off one another and to get more from the brief. Decision making has been made easier through discussion with the other parties involved so that we are all on the same page and knowledge in other areas highlights issues that I personally may not have considered. 

Learning independently has also had its benefits; I know I juggle a lot of things outside of university anyway so it is fundamental for me to plan my life well. Since the start of this year I have made a spread sheet for what I will be doing each day, I like having the knowledge of what is happening the next day, week and month and it allows for me to fit everything in that I need to and I will continue to do this next year and so on. I have loved being able to work to my own time table, setting things up when it is most appropriate for me, which most of all means that I have been on top of things from the start! I can honestly say that with this project I have used my time a lot more effectively than with any other project but I also think that may have something to do with the use of this blog!! It has been a fantastic way of displaying my findings and it is so much more accessible when just noting something down, I do not have to worry about the aesthetics as I can always change them at a later date, and pictures are so much easier to display, it has definitely been a time saver.

I could not be happier with the realisation of my ideas, I said I wanted to focus on getting the styling of 'Portrait of Dolly' and 'Rudyard Kipling' as exactly as I could and I am SO proud of what I have achieved. I think I have used good time planning; I have done extensive research into the 1920's and learnt a lot about photography. I have learnt some fantastic new skills with photoshop, CosPlot and dealing with a team which is amazing as it has completely backed up that I want to go into the film industry after university. 

I cannot wait for next year! 

Friday, 18 May 2012

Reflection and Evaluation of Styling

This project has also been amazing, it has been such a journey from visiting the gallery to the final piece and the time seems to have flown by and has resulted in one of, if not my favourite piece of work since studying at AUCB. 

I think I made a good choice in picking the painting 'Sir (Joseph) Rudyard Kipling' , by Sir Philip Burne Jones, it is not by any means the most famous painting in the gallery but it was the atmosphere of the painting that I loved so much which made me choose it. 

I have gained a lot of people skills in this unit, asking nicely to borrow things and looking after actors in strange environments! It has also made me use my time management skills, whilst juggling the film project and planning the photo shoot all along. 

I have learned to be resourceful with props, though my prop making skills still need some work! I have made a great contact with my photographer Charlotte and hopefully she will want to use me on some of her work too! My photoshop skills have developed and I have put some techniques that were a little rusty back into place.

I could not be happier with this project and I am really proud of what I have achieved. 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Rough Cut, Portrait of Dolly

The underwear scene seems to have been cut here, maybe it will be cut in later?

The only thing that I feel could have been better is the scene at the end where the Gentleman is stood looking at Dolly, his tie is not quite up or down but I know in previous scenes the actor was playing with his tie on the stairs after last checks. It doesn't matter particularly because he has just re-dressed after being naked but it really goes to show how closely I must keep my eye on actors!! 

Assisting Yolanda's Shoot

Yolanda's Shoot was very different to mine, she had managed to get a beautiful bedroom and the Lillie Langry Hotel, It couldn't have been more perfect for what she wanted. The main difficulty we overcame was how the dress would hang over the model, it was vital that she looked pregnant as this is the main controversy around this painting. I think we did a fantastic job!

Yolanda Collins (

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Styling Final Outcome

I am so pleased the final outcome of the styling project, I feel that I have really captured the essence and atmosphere of Sir Philip Burne Jones' Painting. 

When painting the original, it must have been looked at from a strange, or maybe several different angles as on my shoot we could not get my lovely model, Ryan's profile right whilst there was so much table in shot, and for the bin to be in shot it was necessary to have it on top of 6 or 7 books so it could reach the table! 

I am really really pleased with my work, I have used different skills on this project, which I have really enjoyed. I feel that my ability and patience with Photoshop has vastly improved and I can now see my self using it a lot more. I have learnt that people are a lot more willing to help than I thought they would and this has had a massive impact on how smoothly this project has gone. I have LOVED this project and I cant wait to do something similar again soon.

Editing Rudyard

Looking through all the photographs from my photo shoot made it very clear to me that I wanted to do some editing for my final outcome, in the original painting there is no gap between the wall and the door and the book shelves at The Mirimar were much too high! The perspective seemed to be warped a little so I settled on using the shots which were taken on the tripod to ensure the same distance and angle from the camera with one photograph just of the back ground and one with my model in place. This made editing much easier.  

My photographer, Charlotte Dart, explained how it would be easier to manipulate the images if they are underexposed rather than over exposed and the colour cannot be brought back but can be lessened. 
Background Original Photograph at The Mirimar, taken by Charlotte Dart
Original Photograph with Model in place at The Mirimar, Taken by Charlotte Dart

The first thing I tackled when editing this and working on the background only photograph was to move across the door, selecting parts of the door that I wanted and moving them across with the arrow keys. 
I did the same with the shelves to move them down, one shelf at a time, I then stretched the books so that they looked more correct for their new shelf size and mimicking the size  of the books in the painting. 

Whilst planning my props I hadn't properly considered the size of the shelves, I should have really measured them to make sure that my painting and cork board would fit into them, but I didn't so this was another problem to solve. I had flipped my cork board so it would fit into the shelf but this meant that the notes were in the wrong place so I selected them rotated and placed them in a more appropriate place and whilst they were on another layer they were trimmed to a better shape. I had asked Charlotte to take a separate picture of my boat painting in the background so that I could edit it in which was also fairly simple.
At this point I used an overlay of Burne Jones' Painting so that I could scale everything correctly. By lowering the opacity on this scale it made it easier to place everything.

Editing by placing the Painting over the photo with a low opacity 

Background all ready for Ryan to be placed in

I then placed ryan into the paiting by selecting the parts of him that I wanted and placing him accordingly to the overlay. I spent quite a while using puppet warp to make his face fit a little better with Rudyard Kipling's profile, and altered his tie and where the lapel fell moving it closer to his collar. I attempted to move his pocket up to the same place as Kipling's but this distorted the fabric thus better to leave it where it was!

I went around the outline of the new layer with the eraser tool to make it fuzzier so it would blend better with the back ground. I then applied various effects and this is the out come!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Reflection and Evaluation of Filming

I have really enjoyed this project, it was completely mad at times sourcing things up to the very last second but it has been amazing and I have learnt so much. 

Independently researching something that needs to be perfect has driven me to strive to be as knowledgeable as I can about an era, in this case the 1920's. The way that I have had to take in this knowledge and apply it directly, for me has been amazing as I am not usually fantastic at the understanding behind all the things we are taught, but learning independently has let me discover a lot of these things by myself. 
I can honestly say I hadn't got the best knowledge about the 1920's before this project but I have learnt so much about the reasons why they did things and the influence as to why changes were made, I have loved being able to tell people little nuggets of information that at a general glance at the era you wouldn't find out, for example the sequins made from wax, Amazing! 

Working with the Film course has been fab, they are all so passionate about what they do and it has been great to work in a team and see how each role functions in that team, creating something fabulous at the end, or at least I hope so! 
I can honestly say I have put my heart and soul into this project. I have loved every second and it has been a valuable learning curve, I have worked under pressure to a deadline and achieved something that I am really proud of even though I have only seen the rough cut so far!!

I cannot wait to work on the grad films next year!!  

Screen Shot, Portrait of Dolly

Friday, 11 May 2012


Charlotte Dart, Studying Television Production at Bournemouth University, with a penchant for photography. 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Location Booked!!!

Hotel Mirimar, Bournemouth
Booked for 6pm on Sunday the 13th of May!

Location Hunting!

After the tutorial today Yolanda and I went to check out a few of the places Bunny suggested and we have had fabulous results! 
Yolanda and I have agreed to assist each other on our shoots making it easier for one another and more over get a little more experience too! 

So for me we are on the look out for a dark panelled door and a book case, as the rest can be added in later!
Yolanda is after an old Victorian bedroom, preferably with a red bed coverings and a window to the left.

First off we look around The Hotel Mirimar, Bournemouth, which has a stunning view of the sea and has Edwardian Origins. The Library room is PERFECT, the panelled walls and dark doors and with some soft lighting this could be fabulous!! 
The staff here were all fabulous and wonderfully helpful! 

Hotel Mirimar, Bournemouth

Secondly we look around Langtry Manor Hotel which was built in 1877 by Edward VII for his mistress Lillie Langtry. 

The room we were shown was inexplicably perfect for Yolanda's shoot. 

The Kings Room at Langtry Manor 

Last we took a look around Tudor Grange Hotel, which was very impressive and inside completely covered with wood panelling. Very beautiful but unfortunately it did not have to offer what we were looking for but it will be kept in mind for future shoots as it is a fabulous location! 

Tudor Grange Hotel

I was pleasantly surprised with how accommodating and welcoming people were, the staff at all these hotels were really lovely and helped us as best they could!